adnyl project idea 6

adnyl project idea 6


diary doodle 13 RUST

diary doodle 13 RUST

been watching true detective recently, really good program, the character development of rust is particularly fascinating. at first Rust is set up in a negative light, and his partner as the do gooding family man. but over the course of two episodes I think everyone jumps on team Cole. Rust all the way 😀

adnyl project “typography” (work in progress)

still got a lot of work to do, bu here is my Adnyl project for typography class, its based on a drug called adnyl that basically makes you smarter, helps you think with clarity. its my fictious job to design an appropriate image and typeface for it
intial notes

notes 2

notes 3

<img src="" alt="notes 4" width="208" height="300" classTYPOGRAPHY IDEAS ADNYL

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