Fatal flaw CD design “love hang” cover.

the image depicts a fatal flaw… an obvious one. although the image is bleak, it does suit the theme very well, the messy typography really fits as well and together they make a really good combination.


Fatal Flaw CD Cover 2

Fatal Flaw CD Cover 2

my second idea for fatal flaw CD design for my graded unit. the font is heavy gothic font, similar to that of the Ramons. i really enjoyed designing this cover, it looks really balanced and suits the theme of the album really well.


fatal flaw CD cover,

fatal flaw CD cover,

my first finished piece of the graded unit. This 12 by 12 CD cover is finally finished. i think the image suits the typography and brings out the dark themes of the album


fatal flaw, dying flower world

fatal flaw, dying flower world

yet another image for my graded unit. i made it with fine liners and water color paints. im going to make it darker in Photoshop. More gritty.


Fatal Flaw CD cover art LOVE HANG

Fatal Flaw CD cover art   LOVE HANG

an image ive been working on for the CD art for fatal flaw for my graded unit. The images have to be dark and a little upsetting I think, it just fits better with the band name, I need to work on some typography and mix and match with the images I have created


animal soldier

animal soldier

another possible artwork for the cover of the fatal flaw CD, I am still working on it though. Will try to develop more ideas through out the week


illustration project “lightbulb”

light bulb brain storm 2

a series of drawings I did for illustration class. its all about the light bulb.......
a series of drawings I did for illustration class. its all about the light bulb…….







diary doodle baby sitting

diary doodle baby sitting

I actually kick ass at sword fighting……… but I was taking it easy on the kid :p


Fatal Flaw CD cover

Fatal Flaw CD cover

its still in development, but so far so good. I like the idea, I used a picture of a couple cycling as a reference and created this picture. I made it with fine liners and adobe soft wear.