She is Someone

She Is someone


Primitive Instinct

Primitive instinctsThis is my first draft, its very basic… but lovable, i had fun making it. I hope you like it… it reads better as a book and the pages are awkward to scan so there will be slopes :/ but other than that its awesome XD

Drunk Rat Defend my Short Story book

Short stories front PageI started drawing again, bought a new sketchbook and dedicating it to making short quirky stories. I have just made one and will hopefully post it today after I finish editing it together 😀 It’s about movies, spider attacks and Frodo Morality :p Thanks.


Robot Heart

Robot heartI’m going to be posting a lot more, getting back into the swing of things, gotta get my head back in the game. I ❤ drawing and  music, best combination ever. I thought of this image whilst listening to Dan Mangan, hos song “robots” such a good song. I Think that this line in particular is about losing your focus because someone you love losing interest and/or heart in something important.